Friday, November 8, 2013

Mom: Happy Halloween!

Wow.  Last week was a whirlwind of excitement and fun.  And the fun continued for Susan through the weekend when she went to MS to see her extended family.

It started with a fun afternoon at the Fair on Sunday and culminated with Susan's first experience as a Trick or Treater.  It was great!  Poppy and LouLou (Chris' parents) came into town on Wednesday.  They helped pick her up from school and then we made autumn popcorn mix (and they witnessed a decent tantrum).  On Thursday, I worked and the rest of the crew went to the Museum for a fun morning out.  

By Thursday evening, everyone was pretty excited.  My parents got to the house around 5:15.  We decided to get pizzas for everyone so Susan ate hers (with bananas and carrots) at 5:45.  Then we put her in her pumpkin costume.  

Not sure about all this yet...
Yes, this was the same pumpkin costume I wore when I was 2.  And again when I was 3.  It has held up very well.  Lots of people in my family have worn it.  Mom and I dyed her turtleneck and tights the previous weekend, so it had some homemade aspects to it.

So I guess I had curly hair too.
 Well, as soon as we got the costume on, we went outside to take pictures.  She would not wear the hat so we settled for an orange bow.  She hammed it up for the cameras.  Then it was time to set off down the street to Trick or Treat.  For the first half, it was me, Chris, Poppy and LouLou and Uncle Philip.  We went to the first house and I was not sure what she would do.  Chris and I walked up to the door with her.  We practiced saying "Trick or Treat" before, but as she held her little pumpkin container out, she just stared at our neighbor.  The neighbor smiled and Susan was awed by the two pieces of candy placed in her bucket.  As we started down the stairs, she said "Ot Treat."  Right.  
There were a lot of people working for those smiles behind the cameras!

First house...come on Susan!
I did it!
 With one house down, Susan decided she needed a break.  So she sat in the middle of the street.  We all laughed as we told her that there were still several houses left to visit.

Break!  Her daddy gave her a couple of piggy back rides throughout the night.
 At the next few houses, Susan would say "Ot Treat" as we walked up.  But as soon as a neighbor came to the door, she would just stay silent or smile.  She did say "Thank you" to a few people, which was nice.  And she was very proud to walk down the street in her pumpkin costume with her family behind her.  

I get it now!

A ninja and a princess and a pumpkin!
 Halfway through, my parents switched with Chuck and Cindy.  We went to a few more house (maybe 8 or 9 total) and then it was time to go home.  We were out for about 45 minutes, and Susan had a blast.  So did her parents.  It was adorable and there were not fits or tantrums.  And it was clear that she totally understood the concept of Trick or Treating.  She loved looking at all the other costumes and children. 

Once we got home, we helped Susan dump her candy on the floor.  I opened a 3 Musketeers for her and she promptly put it in her mouth and said, "Mmm."  It was the sweetest sound!  I hope someone caught it on video.  Everyone laughed and smiled.  She then ate a Reese's Cup, a piece of Hershey's and ended with a Kit Kat.  She definitely loves candy.  (Her parents ate the remaining candy over the weekend while she was out of town).  And it didn't keep her awake.  She had her bath and went to sleep just like normal, albeit a little later then usual.

That was fun!
MINE!  Pretty decent haul for a first-timer.
Here it comes - first 3 Musketeers!
Reese's Cup
My parents have been holding out on me.
What a great night!
So the first Trick or Treat was a huge success.  I had semi-low expectations, so in my book, it was the best night ever.  I am so glad everyone came and participated.  And everyone will be here again for Thanksgiving.  We are so blessed.