Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Husband: Sweep the Leg

After polling our friends, family members and the kids in our Sunday school class, people were overwhelmingly in agreement that Susan/Charlie would in fact come out a Charlie. With the exception of almost our entire Sunday school class (10-3 girl-to-guy ratio that day), most people voted Team Charlie.

Well the results are in. In a hard-fought battle between the X and Y chromosomes, X mounted a valiant comeback and knocked off Y with a beautifully executed crane kick. If you didn’t pay attention in high school biology and haven’t seen one of the greatest Ralph Macchio films of all-time, then ask a friend to explain the difference between XX and XY and then go watch Daniel-San stick it to Cobra Kai.  

Sweep the leg? Susan thinks not.

For those of you in the know (or too lazy to check Wikipedia), XX = BABY GIRL. So in the interest of full disclosure, I should say we’ve known we’re having a girl for over a week now. We cheated and went early to get an ultrasound because we couldn’t wait any longer.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned – and if I’ve learned only one thing at this point, I’m in trouble – it’s that when your pregnant wife says she wants something, you damn well better do it (with gusto). Refill that bowl of Fritos? Sure thing. Take a walk with you at 5 a.m.? Absolutely. Go 10 days early to get an ultrasound because you don’t want to wait all the way until October 25? Let’s go!

Like the paperclip, I am here to help. Whether you want me to or not.

So around two Thursdays ago, MJ found a place in Durham called Prenatal Peek that offers gender ultrasounds and she booked an appointment. We went last Monday, and I couldn’t be happier that we went. We got to see the baby for about 15 minutes while listening to some rockin’ tunes by Enya. About two minutes in, the lady working the wand showed us three seemingly random dots and said that those were “lady parts” and that we were having a little girl (her words, not mine). I don’t claim to be an expert on female anatomy, but I know that the technical term is not “lady parts.” I have read the word “uterus” enough over the past five months that I don’t giggle anymore. Secondly, I’m glad she pointed out the three dots for what they were because I would have thought they were Skittles.

Not quite how I remember it from health class.

So the Charlie/Susan question has finally been answered. Maybe we will have a Charlie one day, but I had a feeling all along this one was going to be Susan. We confirmed everything today at the “official” gender ultrasound. At this point, we’ve seen Susan three times, heard her heart beat five times and we still can’t get enough.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wife: Aquamoms, Gender Ultrasound and Feeling the Baby Move!

Things could hardly be better.  For the last two weeks, I have truly felt like a new person.  Chris wasn’t lying when he said the change seemed to occur overnight.  That is how it felt for me.  I have energy again, I am more productive at work, and some nights, I am able to stay awake until 10! It is a brand new day!
Truer words were never spoken!
I had so much fun too these last few weeks.  Aquamoms is great!  There are about four or five other expectant moms in my class, all at different stages in their pregnancy.  If pregnancy was a race, I would be in last place.  Second to last place is another mom who is 19 weeks.  First place is the mom who is 36 weeks!  The class is really fun.  We start off by warming up, jogging in place, high knees, etc.  Then we do a lot of lap activities.  Like shuffling down the lane and then doing 7 frog jumps.  We look so awesome.  The pool area is pretty busy at that time with swim team going on and swim lessons on the other section.  And we always do chariot races.  That is where two moms link up with noodles and one mom pulls the other down one end and then the other mom pulls that mom back.  It is so great to talk to these ladies and hear them say the same things I am thinking.  Such as, “I hate looking at myself when I get out of the shower” or “I wish I craved apples and oranges instead of Taco Bell and Cheetos.”  The class lasts through mid-December.  After that, I am thinking of switching to pre-natal yoga for the remainder of the pregnancy.
My swimsuit is a tasteful tankini that tends to fly up when we do frog jumps.
And sometimes I am afraid I am mooning the kids taking swim lessons
because my bottoms slide down.  But its all fun!
I have energy to cook, clean and work in the yard.  The last couple of Wednesdays we worked in the yard together.  While Chris mowed, I pulled weeds, emptied my pots of their summer flowers and planted pansies.   I also stained the mailbox (after Chris powerwashed it).  I have also gotten my craft on.  I was inspired by my friend Jennifer.  The first weekend in October, she blogged about fall crafts and fall recipes, and it made me want to get crafty too.  So I decided to do fall centerpieces for our kitchen table and dining room table.  I think they look pretty good and will carry us through to my favorite season – CHRISTMAS!!!  
Our beautiful fall inspired centerpiece.  I found the idea on Pinterest.  Which I finally understand and love!
Last weekend, my in-laws came, along with my grandparent in-laws.  It was the first time Mema and Dadaddy (Chris’ grandparents) have been to visit, and we were so excited.  So we cleaned the house and got everything ready.  They could definitely tell I was showing.  We ate lunch in downtown Hillsborough and then showed them around Duke and my office.  That night, we ate my homemade chili (my Daddy’s secret recipe) and played Apples to Apples.  It was a great visit. 
I have another appointment this Friday.  It is just my monthly check up.  But in two weeks, on October 25, 2011, I go in for the gender ultrasound!  I will be exactly 18 weeks.  We are so ready to find out if the baby is Charlie or Susan.  We want to call the baby by its name and start buying clothes and other fun baby items.  The wait is truly torturing us.  I am just ready to know, so we can quit wondering.  It used to be about 75% in favor of Charlie and 25% in favor of Susan, but that has changed.  Now, it is just my mom, dad and in-laws who are on Team Charlie.  Team Susan has taken the lead with Papa (my grandfather), Chris, my best friend Kristi, Philip, Aunt Sally and ME!  I wouldn’t say either way for a long time, because I really wasn’t sure.  But all of my dreams have been about a little girl.  And based on the things I am craving, it seems like this baby is a girl after my own heart.  (We are currently craving carbs – Cheetos, chips and dip, rice, etc.)  If I was craving bananas, peanut butter and cottage cheese, then I would know without a doubt that this was a boy (and one after Chris’ own heart).  Don’t get me wrong, I am eating apples and carrots, but it’s not what we crave!  But now that I think it’s a girl, it probably means that it is definitely Charlie.  Either way, we are just ready to know.  I honestly don’t care if it is a boy or a girl, I just can’t wait to find out! 
One of the things that I get to start looking forward to now is fetal movement.  Women can begin experiencing “quickening” as early at 16 weeks.  This is internal movement that feels like butterflies, bubbles, etc.  Most first time moms don’t know what it is and can confuse it with gas, etc.  Well, yesterday, I am pretty sure I felt it.  I know what gas feels like and this did not feel that way.  I felt it on the way to work on the left side, and then when I got to work, I felt the same little tingles on the right side.  It will be about another four or five weeks before we can feel it with our hands.  Chris kept trying to feel last night, but it is all on the inside right now.  I would feel bad that I get to experience it so much sooner than he does, but I am the one who is carrying it and suffering some of the more unpleasant side effects.  So I think it’s only fair that I get to experience some of the amazing joys first.
What does everyone else think the baby is? Chris thinks we should take bets.  I won’t take your money but I am curious as to what you all think!