Friday, March 25, 2016

Mom: Baby Stats at Three Months

I feel really bad.  Okay, I don't feel that bad but I do feel a little bad.  Martha Beth is suffering from what is known as "second baby problems."  I haven't taken a picture of her since Sunday!  I went back to work last week and then over the weekend we hosted 15 family members for the birthday/baptism extravaganza.  So I missed her second month stats and her third month stats are 3 days late!

She is growing like a weed and she is such a happy girl.  She smiles all the time and she is babbling more every day.  And she sleeps.  Naps have improved and she sleeps every night from about 7 p.m. to 6 a.m or longer.  Also her crib is now flat and the Rock and Play insert is gone.  She is still sleeping swaddled in her Halo Sleepsack but I have a feeling that will be our next big sleep change.

Weight:  Approximately 15 lbs.

Height:  24" at two months so maybe a little more now?

Next Appointment:  April 25 for four month checkup and more vaccines

Teeth:  None but we have noticed a lot of drool.

Bottle:  4 bottles of about 7-8 oz. each.  She is a growing girl and we will definitely start solids at 5 months like we did with her big sis.

Clothing:  6 months and she definitely fits well.  She is tracking weight and height wise very much like her sister so if I had to guess, she will be in 9 month clothes this summer.  So far, she has been able to wear most of her sister's clothes, with a few items bought to supplement.

Sleeping:  She naps a solid three times a day.  Right now she can stay awake for about 1 hour and 45 minutes.  She naps for about 1.5 to 2 hours in the morning and afternoon and at the most about 45 minutes to an hour with her last nap.  And she sleep from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. every night.  She is amazing and being able to put both kids to bed around the same time (big sis goes to bed at 8) is a beautiful thing for some very tired parents.

Favorite Toys:  She loves her little play yard.  She like to try to hit the little animals when she lays on her back.  For Tummy Time, she likes "Elmerellie," this little elephant that has a bunch of bells and whistles attached to it.  She has even started reaching for it.

Likes:  She loves to play on her back and has really started to enjoy tummy time a little more.  She also likes to sit and smile and coo in your lap after bottle.  It is really sweet.

Dislikes:  Unlike her sister, Martha Beth will go zero to pissed almost instantly.  Susan would kind of fuss and ease you into it but Martha Beth will let you know fast if she is upset.  But that is okay.  Once we figure out what is upsetting her, usually hunger or sleep, she calms down pretty easily.

Milestones:  Well, she is sleeping through the night.  She also has pretty consistent head control - she holds her head up by herself all the time now.  Now she is working on grabbing things.  She has rolled from tummy to back a few times but not consistently.  

Three months old and finally enjoying some warmer weather!

Big Sis and Little Sis

Friday, January 22, 2016

Mom: Baby Stats at 1 Month

Greetings!  It has been over two years since this blog was updated. I debated several times whether or not to resurrect this blog, but since it was pretty popular back in its heyday, I decided to give it a whirl. Plus, Martha Beth deserves to be immortalized on this site too. Maybe one day I'll share a full update on all that has taken place in the last two years, but for now, let me just update you on our sweet second daughter.

Martha Elizabeth Cook was born on December 22, 2015. We didn't intend to have a Christmas baby -- we meant to have an April baby.  But apparently we are still pretty fertile (which is not lost on us since we plan to be done with babies now that we have 2). We plan to call her Martha Beth. She is named after three of her great-grandmothers (don't worry, I am named after the fourth one). Her older sister is doing very well with the adjustment, and we could not be more proud. Their resemblance is uncanny. When Martha Beth was born, I truly thought, "This is the baby I had 4 years ago. Where's the new baby?"

So far, Martha Beth is taking it pretty easy on us. Our biggest adjustment right now is transitioning her from the "Rock and Play" sleeper to her crib. We transitioned Susan at 4 weeks, and it was easy.  We just swaddled her in a Halo Sleepsack, and that was it. Well, Martha Beth is having a little more trouble. I found these helpful tips on how to transition here, and we are trying them. Her crib is propped and we put the RNP insert in the crib. She has been sleeping in a sleepsack the whole time so that isn't an adjustment. We want to transition her before she sleeps through the night, and we think (hope) she is getting close. 

So the set up is a little whacky
Propped with books
Sleeping swaddled in her crib like a champ - she actually did really well last night!  Now we just need naps to improve...
Before I give you the stats, I will say second-time parenthood, especially during these early stages of babyhood, is 9 million times more enjoyable than it was the first time. We are not nearly as neurotic; I know that eventually this exhausted feeling will fade away, and dear goodness, if she gets off her routine a little, she will survive! I enjoyed Susan's babyhood, but not like I am enjoying this. The other night, I had my first evening alone with both girls. Martha Beth was a little fussy and it was time to read Susan her bedtime story. Martha Beth was in her bouncy seat so when she wouldn't calm down, I picked up the bouncy seat, walked it to our bathroom, turned on the fan and shut the door.  I told her she would have to figure it out for ten minutes. When I came back after reading The Lorax and singing to big sis, Martha Beth was fine. I NEVER would have done that with Susan, but the thing is, with the second kiddo, I knew that she would be fine and I have another kid who needs me.

So without further narrative, here are Martha Beth's stats at 1 month.

Weight:  11 lbs 2 oz.
Height:  22.25 inches
Next Appointment:  2/23 for her two-month check-up and first round of vaccines
Teeth:  None!
Bottle:  6 bottles of about 5 to 5.5 oz. each.  She is currently in a growth spurt and is draining them dry. We are using Enfamil Gentlease with this one and will switch her to Parents Choice Gentle (the Walmart generic version) when I run out of Enfamil coupons.
Clothing:  3 months and she is really starting to fill out the 3-month stuff.
Diaper Size:  Size 1. She was in newborns for about two weeks which is what I predicted (and why we only bought one box).
Sleeping:  At night, she lays down around 9:30 but sometimes doesn't fall asleep until 10 or 10:30. She sleeps until we wake her up at 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. to eat.  She goes right back to sleep after both feedings and then sleeps until her first real bottle of the day at 9 a.m.  We got the go-ahead from the doctor to stop waking her up and let her wake up on her own and tell us when she is hungry. This is why we are in "Crib or Bust" mode because most nights, we do have to wake her for the feedings and now that she is getting so big, I know it won't be long until she doesn't wake up.  Naps are a little trickier. Her afternoon nap can be touch-and-go, as can her evening nap.  I am hoping that once she gets used to the crib, naps will improve.
Favorite Toys:  She loves the homemade black and white "flashcards" that Chris made for her.  They are her favorite thing to look at when she plays on her tummy and back.
Likes:  She loves to eat and snuggle on your chest afterwards.  She also loves to look for and listen to her sister.  She likes her Avent Soothie, although in the last few days, she has also enjoyed sucking on her Mam pacifier.
Dislikes:  She doesn't love her crib so far, or at least her naps aren't great in there. But naps haven't been great in her Rock and Play either, so there really isn't any way to tell for sure.  Hopefully, by the end of Snowmageddon 2016, she will be fully transitioned into her crib and love it just as much as her sister did.
Milestones:  We haven't really hit any big milestones yet, but she does have pretty good control of her head and neck. She doesn't mind playing on her tummy for tummy time and is good about telling us when she is tired of it. I think our first big milestone will be sleeping through the night...then Chris and I can crack open that champagne I bought for New Years (like we were going to make it til midnight - ha!)

One Month Old!