Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dad: Homer Mug

I’d like to introduce everyone to Homer Mug.

Everyone say hello.

Homer Mug has been with me for four years. He brightens my mornings, no matter how early they come. Without him, I’d be a blubbering pile of father curled up on the kitchen floor singing “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts” as Susan stands over me and throws books at my head while laughing. Sleep deprivation can do strange things to a person, indeed.

So instead of sinking slowly into the pit of insanity four hours of sleep at a time, I reserve one morning each week – typically after a late night at work or when the Susan Alarm goes off extra early – to drink coffee from Homer Mug. The other six days, I’m stuck with the plain (but stylish, honey!) purple Fiesta mugs that my wife picked out when we got married. But for that one special day every week, I have Homer Mug to bring a smile to my face. No matter how tired I am, every time I look at homer’s bald head as printed on my yellow mug, it reminds of all Homer's crazy antics.

How can you not laugh at a man who asks, “They have the internet on computers now?” and “There’s a New Mexico?” You should never underestimate being able to smile first thing in the morning, especially when you’re awakened by a crying baby who’s not going back to sleep anytime soon. Whatever it is that puts you in a good mood in the morning – a coffee mug, reruns of Little Rascals, Billy the Bigmouth Bass or even this blog (shameless self-promotion) – cherish it, because your mornings are a LOT different with a baby.

That said, this post is actually tribute to Homer Mug because I will retire him at the end of the week. He’ll be replaced by my daughter, in coffee mug form.  For Susan’s first birthday party, Mary Jane and I got all in attendance coffee mugs covered with Susan photos, and we kept two for ourselves that will become the new “Why am I up so early” mugs. So the next time I wake up at 5:02 a.m. and through sleep-encrusted eyes see this:

"Wake up and entertain me, clowns."
I can also remember this:

And if by some stroke of  bad luck, I have TWO rough mornings, well…at least they have the internet on computers now.

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