Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mom: Toddler Stats at 15 Months

Miss me?  Okay, I have no excuse.  The Great Fall was a while ago and while it worked for February and March, I don't really have an excuse now.  I still want to blog and share.  But Susan is so busy now!  Like super busy!  When she is awake, she is moving and grooving.  We are so exhausted.  So when we have an hour during nap time or two hours after she goes to bed, it's a toss up between emptying our super full DVR, reading a good book, cleaning up, laundry, or blogging.  But I have missed sharing all of our adventures so, I am going to try to do better.  I feel so bad that we didn't blog during the month of May.  Whoops.

I know I missed Toddler Stats at 13 and 14 months and I don't really remember enough of the differences (but believe me there are some) to add them back, so I will just pick up at 15 months.

Let me just say that it is true that nothing prepares you for a baby.  People who joke about how a dog is practice -- well, talk to me later when you realize you can't put the newborn in the crate so you can go on date night.  Nothing can prepare you and your spouse for an infant.  And then once you start feeling like a moderate success, some new milestone or development comes out of nowhere and everything changes again.

Well, NOTHING can prepare you for a toddler either!  One day, you have a sweet infant who just smiles and babbles, the next day, you have a walking toddler who is very comfortable with the word "No" and tantrums.  And very comfortable climbing on furniture.  Or running away from you. 

Nothing can prepare you for your toddler who can now do so much more!  She wants to learn all the time and says a new word almost every week!  She is so much fun and we are having a great time.  It has been a challenge and adjustment - she literally turned into a toddler overnight.  There was no gradual shift into toddlerhood or if there was, we missed it because we were so busy.  But she is a lot of fun and we wouldn't trade this for anything!

Weight:  29 pounds (100 percentile)

Height:  33 inches (100 percentile)

Next Appointment:  9/19 at 18 months

Teeth: 16.  I hardly even want to blog about teeth anymore.  It is just the worst thing ever and the two top canines - well - let's just say I wanted to be committed.  NOTHING made her feel better.  Advil was powerless.  Orajel?  Came off with all the HUGE amounts of drool.  The bottom eye teeth and even her first year molars didn't bother her as bad as those two teeth.  They are through, thank goodness, although, because they are narrow at the tip and get wider, she is still a little uncomfortable as they make their way down.  And with our luck, she will likely get her two-year molars at 18 months but oh well.  We only have four more teeth to go and honestly, let's just get-r-done so we can be done.  If she gets them all before 8/4/13, then she will have them all within a year, which probably is a record.  Now that she has so many teeth, our pediatrician recommended we take her to the pediatric dentist - an adventure that I am REALLY looking forward to.

New Foods:  She eats whatever we eat.  If we are having sandwiches for lunch, so does she (although sometimes we let her have grilled cheese if we are having something else).  She also eats whatever we eat for dinner.  For example, last night we had Buffalo Chicken Lasagna and so did Susan.  We usually have a side salad, but she has green beans and mixed fruit, etc.  I don't want to ever start making two meals.  It's tough enough cooking with a toddler to begin with.  I have used my crock pot A LOT in the last three months - it is a life-saver.  But she is a good eater.  And if during a given meal, she decides she isn't feeling the veggies, we don't make a big deal out of it.  Or if she doesn't eat much at all.  Toddlers are different when it comes to eating -- their growth has slowed WAY down.  But if you freak out over green beans or fruit, then that is likely to make it worse.  Because they LOVE our reactions.  So if she isn't hungry or seems more interested in throwing the bagel on the floor to Oscar, we just say "Oh, you must be full" and let her down.  No need to freak out.  She always rights it in the end.  And we try to always eat with her - rather than her eating by herself.  Some days it doesn't quite work out but we always sit at the table with her.  I think that is one of the reasons we have so much success at restaurants.  She is great at restaurants and I think that is because we did a lot of practicing at home.  (A Lot of these tips we got are from The Baby Whisperer for Toddlers.  If you haven't noticed, I advocate HEAVILY for The Baby Whisperer, and the sequel for Toddlers is just as good.  It's just harder to find time to read it when you are chasing around your toddler!)

Clothing Size:  18 months.  Some 24m or 2T stuff fits but is a little big.  And some 18M stuff is a little small.  I figure she will probably wear 2T in the Fall.  I am trying to guess because all those Smocked Clothing sites are starting to preview some adorable Halloween stuff and I want to get a jump on it, lol.

Sleeping:  She is sleeping anywhere from 10 to 11.5 hours.  It depends on how bad her mouth hurts.  In Tupelo last week, she kept waking up at 4:30 a.m. thanks to the Central Time switch and her mouth hurting.  But yesterday morning she slept til 6 a.m. and we almost cried with joy.  You will never appreciate 6 a.m. more until your 14.5 month old continuously wakes up at 5 a.m. for a few weeks.

Diaper Size:  Five

Favorite Toys:  Books are still her favorite toys by far.  She loves to pick them up and read them herself.  It is so adorable.  She also loves the corn popper pusher which she finally figured out how to work.  And she loves her baby dolls.  And purse.  And bracelets.  She loves to put on her bracelets and purse, and walk towards the garage door blowing kisses and saying Bye Bye.  We have this on video, somewhere.

Likes:  She likes to have her tummy and face tickle-scratched.  You know, where you give her a rub with your finger tips/nails.  She opens her mouth in awe of the sensations.  She likes her back just okay but I think it still tickles too much.  She also loves to DANCE.  The girl gets the rhythm all the time, or if she can't find the rhythm, she will just dance to the music in her heart.  It is adorable! 

Dislikes:  She dislikes being told No.  She dislikes when we don't do something quickly enough.  Her list of dislikes has grown ENORMOUSLY in the last few months when she became self-aware -- like Skynet, but with tantrums instead of nukes.  Once she realized she had choices, things changed.

Milestones:  Major milestones are basically just all the words she knows which are as follows:  Mama, Dada, book, tree, dog, bear, duck, baby, bye bye, Papa, Gigi, up, ball, night night, more, Molk (milk or other beverage), Oh Oh (Oscar), Uh OH (oops I threw something but I want it to appear as if it was accidental - it wasn't).

15 Months going on 15

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