Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mom: Baby Stats at Eleven Months

Well, there have been a lot of changes for Susan Louise Cook during the ten month to eleven month time period.  She has developed and changed so much so quickly.  All in the last two weeks it seems like!  

Now we are planning for the BIG DAY aka her first birthday.  My baby will be a year old.  That is so hard for me to imagine.  This has flown by.  Pregnancy was like 9 years instead of 9 months but these last 11 months felt like 11 days!  And while she is ready for more, we are not.  If we could freeze her, even just for a few more days, we would.  She is so quickly becoming a toddler and leaving babyhood!  And we have loved babyhood!  I know we will love toddlerhood because she will present new changes and challenges that we can all enjoy.  But man, fast forward a few years and I can see her looking at me and saying "I LOVE timeout."  Oh it will happen.  And that's probably when we will make Charlie or unamed-baby-girl-cook-part 2.

Here are her stats.  She turned 11 months old yesterday.  I bet you won't even be able to keep up with how much she has changed.

Weight:  Not sure.  Won't know until next month unless she gets sick.

Height:  See above.

Next Appointment:  3/21 for her one year check up and more shots

Teeth:  9!  Beat that!  I bet you can't.  I wish that was one thing she was losing at.  She got tooth number 8 around the end of January, and her first cuspid (the dreaded"eye teeth") popped through on 2/14.  As you will see as you read on, last week was a big one for Susan Louise.  We can already tell she is working on the matching number 10.  We have given up hoping for a break in teething.  I truly do not think she is going to stop until she has all 20.  I mean she has nearly half her teeth and she is not even 1!  Who does that?

New Foods:  She still eats everything but she has now tried oranges and loved them.  We are still holding off until she is a year old for eggs (although she has had some baked items that I am sure eggs were used to make them, but oh well.)  No real sweets yet to speak of, except for juice.  Until two weeks ago, the only thing in her sippy cup was water.  Which she loved.  Now, we let her have a sippy cup with 1/2 apple juice and 1/2 water about every other day.  She still loves water and loves her juice/water.  First cake is coming soon!

Bottle:  Two times a day.  She is so easy to wean.  We just made the midday bottle a sippy cup full of formula and give it to her with her lunch.  (She can't have whole milk until she is 1.)  She usually doesn't drink all of it, since she is having it with her meal, but I am pretty sure that with the super nutritious stuff she is eating, she is getting her nutrients through her solid food diet more than she is the formula.  We are trying to decide when to drop the next bottle (the morning one).  I honestly think she will do fine with the drop; it is the two of us who aren't ready.  Weaning from the bottle completely is such a huge sign that she is NOT a baby anymore.  So, if she isn't completely weaned by a year, I won't miss any sleep.  So it might be another month before we drop the next one.  We'll see.

Clothing Size:  12 to 18 months.  18 month stuff is still too big, but a lot of 12 month stuff is too small.  Her smocked 12 month stuff fits great - it's the day wear and pjs that are too small. 

Sleeping:  11 to 12 hours at night.  Susan has slept in a Halo Sleep Sack since she got out of the swaddle.  And she was outgrowing the Large size.  Rather than ponying up and spending another $100 dollars on four more, we decided it was time for Miss Susan to learn to sleep without a sleep sack and instead with a blanket.  We started with her afternoon nap on a Saturday and she didn't miss a beat.  In fact, she has been sleeping a little better.  Who knew?  Her naps at home are great; daycare is a day-to-day thing.  Yesterday, she had 2.5 hours of naps-her best ever.  She slept from 2-4 so she was able to play happily all evening and didn't go to bed until 7:45 p.m.  We were shocked.  Last Friday, she napped 35 minutes all day and went to bed for the night at 5:45 p.m. and slept til 6 a.m. on Saturday.  So it is a toss up.  

Diaper Size:  Five.  Hopefully we will be there a while.

Favorite Toys:  BOOKS!  It is the CUTEST thing you have ever seen.  If there is a board book around, it is the first thing she will crawl/toddle to.  She flips the pages, points to pictures, talks out loud, and giggles whiles holding them.  We read to her before every nap and before she goes to bed every night (and have been doing this since she was 2 days old).  We have also occasionally tried reading to her while we are playing but usually, her attention span was too short and the rattle/truck/anything else was way more amusing.  But her attention span has gotten noticeably longer so she is content to listen to short, rhyming stories.  Especially if there are big colorful pictures.  Her favorite books are Pat the Bunny (she loves Paul and Judy), Baby Cakes, Baby, I Love You and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

Likes:  She likes to walk. She likes to blow raspberries.  She also likes it when we mimic the different sounds she is making or we stick our tongues out at her.  She thinks that is hilarious.  She will not always think we are this funny so we are trying to soak it up.  

Dislikes:  She doesn't love when we have to take something away from her, but we are trying to make things a trade.  For example, if she is holding our remote (because we forgot to put it high up), we will offer to trade her our remote for her happy smiley, sing along remote.  The trade usually does not result in too many tears or fits.  But we have seen her throw a few fits.  With real tears and everything.  We handle it by distracting her with something new but ignoring the fit.  No pick ups or coddles. That is hard but it seems to work best.  That way, we aren't validating the fit.  (For those of you who don't think its too big of deal to let her play with the real TV remote, wait until you experience your Ross/Marcell/everyone-is-speaking-Spanish-what-did-the-baby-do moment and then we will talk.)

Milestones:  Well, she walked on 2/14.  I knew she was close but I did not realize how close.  Now of course she tries to walk on all occasions.  Crawling is still her fastest mode of transportation, but she tries to walk almost every time she moves.  And now, she doesn't even wait to pull up on something.  She just using her strong legs and arms to push herself up into a standing position.  Before, she would pull up on the ottoman or chair, then turn and start walking.  Now, even if she is just sitting on the ground, she will position herself to her knees, get in a full squat and push herself up.  On 2/12 she said her first word.  (Told you last week was a big week.)  She said "bear."  It was adorable and magical.  Of course she has not said it since but it is still great.  She also knows exactly who we are and our names.  We have been playing the "Where's Mama?" or "Where's Dada?" game for a while.  She always knew exactly who and where Oscar was.  Her providers and loving parents?  Not so much.  But we played the game again this morning and she looked at the right person/dog each time she was asked.

So much has changed in these last two weeks.  And of course instead of walking, she is really trying to run.  It is obvious.  We have our hands full but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Look at my almost grown up baby!

Best way to get her to sit still now is to give her a book to look at/read.

Happy Eleven Months Susan Louise!

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