Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mom: Baby Stats at Ten Months

I know, I know!  She actually turned 10 months on January 19, but we have been so busy!  Really and truly, it has been crazy!  I am teaching a class at the law school this semester.  That's right...Professor Cook is in the house!  I love it, but because it is my first time teaching this material, it is very time consuming, not only on Tuesdays when I am teaching, but also in terms of preparation.  I spend a good bit of time on the weekends preparing for class.  Not to mention that work has been a little stressful and very busy these last few weeks.

So we have been busy.  But I want to keep blogging because I love doing it.  Chris will be Guest Blogging on Baby Center at least once a week, if not more.  So that may take away some of his time here.  But we want to keep doing it, if for no other reason then to chronicle Susan's life and development.  And if we manage to make all of this seem way less scary then we all thought before we birthed babies, well that is even better.  (P.S. Sometimes it is a little scary.  It helps if you married someone who makes you laugh and can calm you down.)

Anyway, here are her stats at 10 months (even though she will be 11 months in about two weeks).  She had to go to the doctor right around her 10 month birthday so her weight and height are pretty accurate.

Weight: 25 lbs.
Height: 31.5 inches
Next Appointment: 3/21 for her one year check up and more shots
Teeth:  7 - The seventh tooth erupted on her 10 month birthday. 
New Foods:  She eats everything.  All meals are self-feeding now and literally, she eats anything we give her.  She eats all the same things we do at night for supper and she gets to have a whole host of different types of food at daycare.  For example, last week she had curry chicken one day, with broccoli and tropical fruit, another day she had beef empanadas.  She may still hit a picky eater stage at some point in toddler hood, but maybe not.  She has yet to have a single french fry or chicken nugget and we plan to keep it that way. 
Bottle:  Still three times a day.
Clothing:  Some 12 month items still fit, but she is wearing a few 18 month stuff but they are too big.
Diaper Size:  5 - Hopefully she will be in this size for a while.
Sleeping:  This largely depends on how bad she is teething or if she has a cold.  If she is teething really bad or is sick, she is waking up at 5:30 a.m.  But if she isn't, she will sleep to 6:30 or even 7.  So she gets anywhere from 12 to 14 hours of sleep a day.  I wish she was getting a little more, but there isn't much we can do about it.  When she moves to the toddler room at daycare, she will have to move to  one nap a day.  I don't think she is moving right at 1 year, which is good because she is not ready for the 2 to 1 nap transition.
Favorite Toys:  She loves all the toys she got for Christmas.  She really does.  That truck, clearly is number one.  Way to go Santa.  She also loves her musical table and the Laugh and Learn Home.  Now that she has so many toys, we had to set up two separate play areas.  We have some toys upstairs now in the bonus room/playroom but we still have some downstairs. 
Likes:  She loves to blow raspberries and play the uh oh game.  And as demonstrated before, she LOVES to walk behind that truck.  We really aren't encouraging walking but you know, can't stop it either.  She is just SO busy right now.  She is a super fast crawler and I cannot imagine how much busier she will be when she is walking! We have told Daycare that if she walks there, not to tell us. 
Dislikes:  She dislikes it very much when her truck gets stuck behind some immovable object.  She transitioned into a toddler kind of overnight.  I am reading the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers (as I am a HUGE believer in the Baby Whisperer philosophy).  She just doesn't know any other way to voice her frustration then to cry and whine.  It isn't often but it does happen.  So we have also ramped up the sign language.  Because if she feels like she can communicate, then maybe she won't get so frustrated.
Milestones:  Walking behind objects, standing unassisted.  She pulls herself into a standing position now and stays there.  Talking and babbling is about the same, although she has a word for Oscar and says it at home quite often.  She has also started saying mama at me occasionally.  Not regularly all the time.  I have read that baby's tend to work on 1 big milestone at a time.  We have found this to be true for Susan.  She was babbling up a storm for a while and really interested in trying to talk.  Then when she became really interested in walking, she was way less interested in talking.

So adorable and happy on my ten month birthday!

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