Monday, August 1, 2011

Wife: Exhausted and Nauseous

Well, I think we can all acknowledge that my husband is much funnier than I am. I don’t have as many witty things say about all of my fun pregnancy symptoms (and let’s face it, he is definitely the better writer). I also don’t have a lot of baseball analogies to compare it to. I am not even sure if there is anything to compare it to. Let’s just say this, it’s a lot harder to find it hilarious about feeling like you’re going to puke, the thought of seafood making your stomach churn and going to bed at 8:15 while the sun is still up. But I’ll do my best.
They say that every pregnancy is different. Women experience symptoms at a different time, and at different levels. Some women experience certain symptoms, others don’t. I have been reading What to Expect When You're Expecting (hereinafter “WTE”) and it gives a rundown of my potential physical and emotional symptoms for each month. For example, I am currently 5 weeks and 5 days, or in my second month. WTE lists the following as my possible symptoms: fatigue, lack of energy, sleepiness (definitely); frequent urination (at least three times during the night); nausea, with or without vomiting (this just started on Sunday and has been extremely special); excess saliva (more like puddles of drool); constipation; heartburn, indigestion, flatulence (oh yeah), bloating; food aversions, cravings (if I see a shrimp, it’s not my fault if you end up wearing my last meal); breast changes; occasional headaches (Tylenol, the only approved drug for pregnant ladies, is about as effective as pissing into the wind); occasional faintness or dizziness; a little rounding of your belly, your clothes feeling a little snugger.
Symptoms include: gas with constipation, followed by vomiting!

Some of you might be thinking, “I can’t believe MJ just mentioned she has gas.” Well, it is the one symptom that I wouldn’t let my husband crack on. And it is the one symptom that apparently all pregnant ladies have. And like morning sickness, it can hit at any time during the day.
Sorry office colleagues.  My bad person one treadmill down.

Some women, about 25%, don’t get morning sickness. This, by the way, was incorrectly named by someone who never had it, as the waves of nausea can hit at any time of the day. I shouldn’t complain too much about MS, as all I have had so far was nausea on and off. Thankfully it hasn’t been constant. And eating actually makes me feel better.

I have been able to eat most of the same things. No real cravings and I have definitely held back on eating for two, considering one of us is the size of a sweet pea (I know, it grew!!!)
Huge growth from poppy seed!

I didn’t start this post to complain about all my symptoms. I have just felt like a roller coaster of emotions and physical ailments over the last week. And apparently it will last for about another 8 weeks!!! And is likely to get worse. But, hopefully they will go by fast. 

The baby has also had a couple of field trips the last few days. Last Thursday, I had to visit a client in prison. It was my first time visiting one of my clients. For those of you unfamiliar with the type of law I practice, I handle criminal appeals for indigent defendants. My clients have usually either already been found guilty by a jury or pled guilty. I represent them on their appeal to the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Kind of like a public defender but for appeals instead of trial. So my clients are located in various prisons across the state. We mainly communicate with letters. Only rarely do we conduct in-person visits. I was a little nervous (thankfully my mentor Barb came with me). I had a little nausea that day, so I was terrified of having another wave or worse, needing to puke, while I met with my client. Thankfully that didn’t happen. And as Jonathan in my office pointed out, it was also baby’s first visit to prison. I think we both handled it extremely well!

Baby also visited Greensboro this weekend. Chris and I went and hung out with my mom all weekend and brought Sadie back with us. We are watching her while my parents are in L.A. helping Philip get settled.

We have already picked out our baby names, even though it is another 12 weeks until we find out if it is a girl or boy. I peed on baking soda (an old wives tale for gender prediction) and it said it was a girl. So did the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart. I think I can honestly say we will be happy with either one. Anyway, the names are: Susan Louise Cook or Charles Richard Cook (aka Charlie). We are really traditional and wanted to go with family names. I just can’t bring a child into this world and saddle it with a name like Carmel Macchiato Cherry Cook. I just cannot do it to my child. It will just sound like a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor (Mmm, Phish Food does sound good right now). See if you can guess who the baby will be named for.
Without a doubt, the best Ben and Jerry's flavor ever!
I think it’s getting to be about that time – bedtime that is. But first, I think I will indulge in a little Weight Watchers Brownie Fudge ice cream cup. I have earned it!

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