Friday, July 22, 2011

Husband: David Wells loves Buffets

We really couldn’t hold it in any longer. Both of us were busting at the seems to tell everyone the day we found out, but we agreed to wait. That didn’t last past 6 a.m. the next morning. We both agreed to tell just our parents with the explicit instructions to not tell ANYONE else (including grandparents). That lasted until never. We told our grandparents later that morning, and of course every other family member found out from there.

After our families found out, we decided to wait until the official doctor’s appointment to tell everyone else. That lasted until Tuesday, when we convinced ourselves that we NEEDED to tell our bosses and office friends, but nobody else. The doctor’s appointment, for the record, is in the middle of August, but we figured 10 straight positive pregnancy tests was a good-enough indicator. We told all of our other friends as soon as we got home from work that day. We have the collective willpower of a kid in a candy store David Wells at Golden Corral.

David Wells: Not pregnant, loves buffets.
A lot of things we read said wait to tell people until the end of the first trimester. I understand why that is, but if you’ve ever gone through this, you know it’s not really possible for first-time parents to hold it in for very long. The excitement is indescribable. Think Willy Wonka fat kid and the chocolate river. Or this kid.

I hear ya Augustus.
In other news, the baby has figured out how to operate the matrix that is wife’s emotional and physical switchboard. She will go from cold to hot, from sad to elated, from tired to…she’s pretty much always tired.

Not pictured: Abdominal discomfort.

Sad commercial? Cue the waterworks. 100 degrees outside? Let me bring you another blanket. Jeopardy just ended? I'll get the bed ready.

The pregnancy books say this is all very normal and part of the "joys" of pregnancy. As the man, the only one of these symptoms that I get to enjoy are wife's swollen ta-tas. 

I have my own pregnancy book (The Caveman's Pregnancy Companion, which I highly recommend), and it's been pretty helpful. It tells me everything I need to know without excessively using words like "discharge" and "ovaries." Basically my job as husband is to pamper my wife to no end until the baby comes. That includes massages, dinners, giving up remote privileges and not judging when she wants a third ice cream cone. Pretty much allow her to live stress-free with little responsibilities outside of putting the baby together. I am 100% capable of that.

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