Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wife: The News is Still Sinking In...

I have known that I am pregnant for almost three days now. And the news is still sinking in. Sometimes, I run to the bathroom (where yes, I still have saved some of the positive tests) just to make sure that that the pink line is still there. It is. I still have a couple of tests to pee on next week just to make sure. But I won't be posting pictures of those. You'll just have to take my word for it that the line is there.

Chris was not joking when he said we thought it would take us a couple of months to get pregnant. I have only been off the pill since the end of May! I thought it would take a while for my cycles to get back to normal, although I realized very quickly in June that my cycle was normal already. And I will plug the Clear Blue Digital Ovulation Predictor Kit. You pee on the stick every day until you get a smiley face. :) Smiley face = ovulation. So apparently it worked for us. I just thought it would take a few more months. My hope was to be pregnant by October. Oh well, its great news and we are certainly happy. Just a little surprised. According to the various due date calculators, I am about three weeks pregnant (only 37 more to go) our baby is due somewhere around March 28, 2012.

Our families are very excited. My mom has been hoping for this day to come for a long time. I used to joke that I needed to hide my birth control pills from her (in case she decided to tamper with them). My dad is excited too. I think he is probably in the same surprised/shocked/excited stage that I am. I reminded him that he was going to be a granddad and he said, “Wow that hit home.” Chuck and Cindy are excited too. I think most everyone assumes that the baby will be a boy, even though it is way too soon to have any idea. And I think the baby is currently about the size of a sesame seed (and apparently looks like a dinosaur).

We haven’t told any of our friends yet. I wanted to wait until after we got the “official” results from my doctor. I am going to call her tomorrow to see if I can come take the blood test just to be sure. And I guess schedule my first pre-natal visit for some time in August. All the books we have (both of them) recommended waiting to “announce our pregnancy” until the end of the first trimester. Apparently, the first trimester is the riskiest time, where we have our greatest chance of miscarriage. But this only occurs in about 10-20% of pregnancies. And there was just no way I could keep this in. It is my first pregnancy and I just want to share it with everyone as soon as possible. So as soon as I have the official results, we will be calling all of our friends and posting the link to the blog on Facebook.

Oscar (our Border Terrier and King of the Castle) is excited. I think he will be an excellent big brother. But more on Oscar's reaction and how he is handling all this later.

Right now, I am feeling fine. I don’t really have a lot of symptoms, except that I am a little emotional. During the closing hymn at church this morning, I started tearing up for no reason. If people had not been around, I would have started crying pretty hard. And I feel a little tired, but nothing too bad. I just hope I have a nice normal pregnancy. My biggest fear is gaining a million pounds. But hopefully, I can keep that under control. My mother and mother-in-law both look back on their pregnancies completely differently. While I don’t think pregnancy is going to be the happiest time in my life, I think that if I eat well, exercise, and get plenty of rest I’ll be okay. I know I will write an entire post soon on my pregnancy weight gain fears. But for now, I’ll just take Oscar on another big walk.

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