Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wife: Sharing the Good News

So we made the big announcement and everyone has been so wonderful. We called all of our friends on Monday night. It was so hard to keep the news a secret at work. Especially when my friend Sarah told me that her sister had given birth over the weekend. Sarah was showing me pictures of her new niece and it was so hard for me not to blurt out, “I’m pregnant!” But somehow, I managed to keep it all in. That afternoon, I talked to my best friend from high school, Kristi. She is really my only close friend who already has children. Tucker and Emma, her twins are two years old! Anyway, she was so excited for us. We talked for a long time – she reminded me to stay away from the internet during pregnancy. Lots of scary things can come up in Google when you type “is it safe to _____ during pregnancy.” Actually, I can do most of the things I did before I was pregnant. Apparently, things become a little more difficult, but as for now I can keep up most of my daily activities.

As for making some of the lifestyle adjustments to pregnancy, that has not been too bad. I usually drink about 2-3 cups of coffee a day; two at home and one at work. During pregnancy, I can have about 2 cups of coffee per day. So Chris and I switched to Maxwell House’s ½ the caffeine coffee on Saturday. That way, I can still have two cups at home, and one at work (it is a psychological thing). It is not quite the same as Dunkin Donuts...

Now, I have not had a Diet Coke since Friday. Actually, on Friday after the movie, I brought home my Diet Coke that we snuck into the theatre. Then I took the test and saw it was positive. I had to pour that delicious drink down the sink. I won’t lie, it was tough. But I figure I can do anything for 9 months. I haven’t really missed it that much. However, I notice I am getting really tired in the afternoons and I start day dreaming about a nice, ice cold can of Diet Coke. Oh well, only 8 more months until I can taste that yummy deliciousness again and “open happiness.”

I have been taking prenatal vitamins and fish oil, so that was not really an adjustment. Apparently, pregnant ladies are not supposed to eat deli meat (who knew). That one could be made up, but until Dr. J (my OB/GYN) gives me the go ahead, I am going follow that rule. So in preparation for our lunches for the week, Chris and I cooked a turkey breast in the Crock Pot on Sunday. Our sandwiches have been delicious! The only problem was that the turkey breast was a little more expensive than the Great Value Oven Roasted Turkey in the deli meat section. But if that is one of the only things that we have to change, that is okay. And I have been eating a pregnancy super food this week, i.e. sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes to begin with, so I take a little half with me to work along with my sandwich and it is so delicious. So that was definitely not a difficult adjustment to make.

My symptoms are pretty much the same except that I need to add a few new ones. I am extremely bloated, but I am peeing all the time. Sometimes I think it’s because all I can really drink is water, but I think it is more than that. I am now waking up at least twice during the night. And at work, my office is all the way at the end of the hall opposite the ladies restroom. So every time I have to go, I have to walk out of my office, past all of my colleagues in their offices (we all keep our office doors open), to go to the bathroom. If some of them don’t know I am pregnant, they will soon as they see me traipse back and forth from the bathroom all day long. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much; it is a good form of exercise. Plus, getting up so much helps me fight the fatigue that has definitely started arriving. Most nights this week I have gone to bed at 9. Like in the bed asleep at 9. Now some of you who know me will say, “That is really not a lot earlier than your usual bedtime of 9:30.” But I have to force myself to stay up until 9. Last night, I started falling asleep on the couch. It was 7:30. Also the emotional highs and lows are continuing. This afternoon at the gym, one of those “Values” commercials came on. You know, the one where the little boy sneaks away from his parents and starts playing the piano at the concert. And the pianist walks out and plays with him. Well I just started crying on the elliptical machine. Thankfully, I had my towel.

All of my clothes still fit! But I guess since its only Week 4, that is not much of a feat. I haven’t had morning sickness or cravings or anything like that. So for now, it is business as usual, as far as food and exercise is concerned. Oh and I made my first doctor appt. My doctor wants to see me at 8 weeks, so my first appointment is August 18. It seems like forever away, but it will be here before we know it!

Now, that I have forced myself to stay up until 9:15, I think I am going to say goodnight. My bed is calling my name.


  1. i know you can't have the artificial sweetner in diet coke, but could you have like a caffine free regular coke? definitely not the same, but could be a methadone-like substitute... ya know, like the southern style chicken sandwich from mickyd's helps me with life with no chickfila! ;)

  2. Good luck giving up the Diet Coke! I was drinking Cherry Coke Zero's all day and I gave them up this year. I now drink sparkling water and find it to be a good substitute.

  3. I think if I have to give up Diet Coke, I'm gonna have to go to meetings, lol.

  4. It is not just the caffeine that I can't have, its the artificial sweeteners. But I think I am going to look into the sparkling water! I have been doing some reading and I think its okay. Thanks for the suggestion Jennifer!

  5. You should talk to your doctor about Diet Coke when you go. Drinks with aspartame are safe in moderation from what I have heard from other pregnant people. I bet your doctor will tell you that you can substitute one cup of regular coffee for one diet coke!

  6. Yes, I can definitely substitute a cup of coffee for the diet coke. I would just rather have the coffee. Nestle Water makes this canned sparkling water with natural lime flavor. It is really good and kind of tastes like Sprite!